Woolcool Liners

In addition to our range of Woolcool insulated boxes and pouches, we also supply Woolcool insulation liners so customers can turn their own packaging boxes, crates and mailing envelopes into incredibly effective insulation packaging.

We also supply a Woolcool insulation ‘blanket’ which is ideal for covering trays of chilled produce in transit or wrapping large, bulky products.

For more information or to place your order, please contact Gail or Sue on 01282 50 50 08

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Dimensions (mm) Number per pack 1-7 packs 8-16 packs
Liner 01 660 x 270 x 35 44 £POA per pack £POA per pack
Liner 04 920 x 295 x 35 30 £POA per pack £POA per pack
Liner 05 1135 x 295 x 35 30 £POAper pack £POA per pack
Liner 07 1230 x 320 x 35 24 £POA per pack £POA per pack
Liner 08L (Blanket) 980 x 580 x 35 20 £POA per pack £POA per pack

Note: All prices exclude delivery

Note: The recommended number of Sorbafreeze sheets are Woolcool guidelines but please trial the quantity of ice packs for your particular application.