Woolcool Envelopes

Woolcool insulated envelopes provide cost effective solutions for sending individual chilled products through the post, from a side of smoke salmon to a couple of gourmet chorizos.

Polystyrene insulated boxes are too big and bulky to be practical or cost effective for one or two small chilled items so Woolcool envelopes is the insulated mailing solution that all speciality food suppliers have been waiting for.

How Woolcool Envelopes work

  • Woolcool ‘Smart fibre’ insulation liners are created by washing, scouring and needle felting natural fleece which is hygienically sealed in food grade film.
  • The insulation is specially designed to line a range of Woolcool Envelopes ie. each Woolcool envelope contains a made to measure wool filled liner.
  • Made from high grade, recyclable LDPE which is strong and tear resistant.
  • A broad self adhesive flap securely seals the contents inside.
  • Ice sheets are required to achieve the appropriate internal temperature, (although fewer ice packs are needed than in polystyrene packaging) and the insulation then maintains chilled items below 5°c for at up to 24 hours and longer. We recommend Sorbafreeze.

For more information or to place your order, contact Gail or Sue on 01282 50 50 08

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Dimensions (mm) Number per pack 1-7 packs 8-16 packs
A4 Envelope  360 x 300 x 45 40 £POA per pack £POA per pack
A3 Envelope 500 x 300 x 45 30 £POA per pack £POA per pack
Salmon envelope 730 x 280 x 45 25 £POA per pack £POA per pack

Note: All prices exclude Sorbafreeze and delivery

Note: The recommended number of Sorbafreeze sheets are Woolcool guidelines but please trial the quantity of ice packs for your particular application.