Sorbafreeze sheets are a lightweight and cost effective alternative to water and gel filled packs which are bulky and costly to dispatch to our customers. We can include Sorbafreeze with our insulated packaging orders with little or no additional delivery charge, whereas just one box of Sorbafreeze is equivalent to a whole pallet load of water filled sheets.

Sorbafreeze sheets light weight and easy to store as they come unhydrated. They are filled with a clever polymer powder which when simply soaked in water, hydrates the cells ready to be frozen into ice sheets when required.

Once hydrated and frozen, Sorbafreeze doesn’t melt back into water so there is no risk of soggy packaging or damaged products.

We supply Sorbafreeze in 8 cell sheets (approx. 250g when hydrated) and 12 cell sheets (approx. 500g when hydrated)

We also supply Sorbafreeze in bulk boxes of 800 sheets, 1200 sheets and 2 x 60m rolls

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