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Exclusive distributor for Woolcool

Deliver with confidence. Woolcool's 100% sheep's wool insulation is not simply the sustainable alternative to polystyrene. Woolcool is proven to keep contents consistently colder and fresher for longer, ensuring goods and packaging arrive in peak condition.

3RSustainable Products are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Woolcool, servicing small and medium sized businesses who supply chilled, fresh and frozen products by courier, post or doorstep deliveries.

Tried and tested by big names in the food sector Fortnum & Mason, Abel & Cole and Riverford to name a few. Woolcool is now available from 3RSustainable in quantities to suit a wide range of smaller producers. From farmshops, artisan producers, box delivey schemes, recipe boxes to marketing companies, Woolcool is fast becoming the insulated packaging of choice. 

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High Performance Insulated Packaging

Woolcool insulated packaging has been independently proven to keep products within the 2°c and 8°c from 24 hours to more than 72 hours.

Temperature after 24 hour testing.


Data taken from actual trial using Gemini trackers.


To send out chilled products by post, courier or regular delivery van, you’re going to need ice packs - although Woolcool insulated packaging requires much fewerthan you’d need in polystyrene boxes.

Sorbafreeze sheets are ultra thin because they are filled with a clever polymer powder which are simply soaked in water to hydrate and frozen into ice sheets when required.

The 3R's: Reduce, Recycle
and Re-use

Woolcool uses 100% wool felt, NO chemicals, NO polyester 

Fully compostable

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